Monday, 27 May 2013

So I did a little bit of shopping....

So in complete contrast to my other post about how I was going to be good and study until my exams... Well I did a tiny bit of shopping for things which I had to have!

I am going to review some of the products I picked up in either a blog post or a YouTube video do look out for that


Maybelline BB cream in the oily skin version- I have tried the normal version and I love it so I really want to see whether this stays on my skin longer and helps my spots ( which it claims to do)

Seventeen All Dolled Up mascara in brown- This is not a purchase I would have normally made but I had a boots voucher for this mascara for only £2 so thought I should get it. I originally got it in the black but the shop assistant switched it and I ended up getting it in the brown. I've been wearing this quite a lot and I have to say I really like it! Because of the low price tag I wasn't expecting much but if you love natural looking lashes then this is amazing- it stays on my oily eyelids but is easy to wash off :) Its definitely going in my everyday makeup bag for spring and summer!

Garnier PureActive Charcoal Scrub- I so excited when I happens the drugstore/high street was coming out with a charcoal based face product as I love the Michael Todd charcoals mask- it is incredible and my skin loves it! Unfortunately it is super expensive so I hope this lives up to my expectations

I also picked up:
Simple Makeup Wipes, Simple Hydrating Facial wash gel, Tressemm√© Platinum Strengh Shampoo and Tressemm√© Keratin Smooth Condiditoner. 


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  1. does the 17 mascara work for you because I have one form their range and hate it because its so clumpy?