Tuesday, 21 May 2013

BarryM Nail Effects Review

So I decided to branch out from my usual nail polishes and actually put some effort in for once!
 I decided to try out some of the BarryM nail effects paint as I had heard mixed reviews about them.

 I first applied a bright pink colour called...Bright Pink- what an inventive name, which I have worn several times on its own as it such a  perfect spring colour! I had to apply two coats of the pink to get the colour in the bottle.
Then I added the nail effects cracking nail polish in Black and then just applied a clear coat on top

I love the effect I think my nails look amazing but that black cracking coat was rather gloopy so I would advise putting it in the fridge before applying- it makes so much difference.

Hope you like the finished look!

I am happy to say like all BarryM nail paints the colour lasts extremely well if two or three coats are applied, With this design my nails lasted around 5 days before they started chipping so I am very pleased with the result


  1. soo cute, but how is the barry m costing?? Its not avaliable in my country :) I hope to buy it on the internet shopping:) from saskia

  2. I love those colours together amazing!